How to remove Skype Ads

It is really easy to block Ads on Skype,  we only need to restrict two domains and that’s all.

So lets start

Control Panel

Open your control panel window then click on Network and Internet then on Internet Options, Click on the Security tab and finally click on Restricted sites, you will see a Sites button, click it and add this two domains

Restricted Sites Sites


Press Close and now we need to remove the Place Holder where the Ads is

Remove the Ad Placeholder

Press Win Key + R  and type %appdata% and then click Skype and look for your for a folder with your Skype name in there you should see a file named config.xml open it with your favorite editor, I recommend Sublime or Notepad++ search for AdvertPlaceholder and change the 1 to 0 save and exit there you have it , restart your Skype and there should be no more Ads!

RunOpen with sublimeChange AdvertPlaceholder to 0